Hey Now!This website was created in November, 2010 as a way to share the documentation for the hours of music provided by the 30 Days of Dead promotion. For this compilation, I have attempted to include a poster,backstage pass, advertisement, promotional button, or T-shirt from each show.A spreadsheet was developed incorporating the memorabilia along with the clues,answers, download information, and individual song narratives. The record of the songs that were played this November is available as a spreadsheet or a pdf. The pdf format had working links to songs and shows added on December 21, 2010.

Thanks to all contributors. Please respect copyrights. Do not attempt to profit from the distribution of these documents.Feedback Form added December 21, 2010 

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CD Covers Were Designed for 5 (mostly) chronological CD's.
  1. Pigpen Era 1: 1967-03-18 Cream Puff War  through 1970-01-16 Easy Wind "A" (64:16)
  2. Pigpen Era 2: 1970-02-01 China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider through 1972-05-04 He's Gone "B"(71:54)
  3. Brent Era 1: 1980-10-07 Estimated Prophet through 1983-03-31 Cassidy > Don't Ease Me In (67:46)
  4. Brent Era 2: 1983-10-15 St. Stephen through 1990-07-16 Let It Grow (60:23)
  5. Keith/Vince Eras: 1973-05-13 Playing in the Band through 1993-03-28 So Many Roads (78:04)

On November 28th, 2010 dark.starz(dead.net/30days)said:

"The Dead are the classic American Band who evolved over four decades. The sixties being defined by the acid drenched blues groove and their first frontman, Ron McKernan, who also defined the sound of this period. Yes, their instrumental improv exploded during 68-69, but a change was a comin in 1970-1971."

"1971 ushered in the era of one Keith Godchaux who is arguably the finest Grateful Dead piano player. The 70's witnessed an evolution of a band who evolved as songsmiths and song craftsmen, with an emphasis on the telling of the tale and vocal harmonies."

"However, throughout the years, stage left to one Jerome John Garcia proved to be a volatile seat, so usher in the 80's and the great white bluesman, Brent Mydland. The Brent years evolved in the way the band interacted with their audience, inspired by the "new guy" who produced an amazing sound on the Hammond B-3.Once again, stage left took it's toll on another fragile human being. Thank you Mr. Mydland for all that you gave to us in terms of sheer ecstasy and joy!"

"The 90's proved "uno mas for the gipper" and the escalation to larger arenas and stadiums provided more space for all the newbies to jump on the bus. Once again, the 90's were defined by the sound of stage left, Vince Welnick."

"In sum, the Grateful Dead were defined by the keyboard players who inspired Jerry, Bob, Phil, Billy & Mickey. Their evolution as musicians is incomparable to any other act in the history of Rock n Roll.

Set yourself free, let the music speak directly to you!"

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Updated June 27  From 30 Days of Dead to Furthur

30 Days of Dead brought inspiration To Document my experience of Furthur shows. It also inspired this presentation regarding a method for the achievement of carbon neutrality for Furthur.

I estimated that my impact on the planet by the end of the year 2010 was an additional 5 MTCDE (Metric tonnes carbon dioxide equivalents) from 26 Furthur shows since September 18, 2009 through new year's eve. At a minimum rate of $10 per MTCDE-offset, the cost to neutralize my carbon footprint would be At least $50. (Approximately $2 / show)

if That $50 is contributed to sustainable technologies that don't increase greenhouse gas emissions, then we are paying forward the part currently paid by the environment.

To encourage this personal offset, I propose that a product similar to the "Hyperlink copy of furthur shows" be available for a minimal expense. I visualize a more permanent format as this relies on the whims of the internet.

Brent Mydland sang, "We can Run" over 20 years ago. It's as true today as ever that we can't hide. we need to Go a little bit furthur than we've gone before and Become the difference that the world is waiting for.

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